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Jual Mitsubishi 8DC9 Marinization - Rekondisi

Merek Engine:

Engine Model: 
8DC9 Mitsubshi
Harga Engine: 
Hubungi via HP

Water Cooled, 4 Cycled, Direct Injection, Cylinder V8, Natural aspirated
Power Rating       :    320 PS / 2200 RPM
Torque                  :   1.079 Nm / 1.400 rpm
Displacement       :   16.031 cc
Bore x Stroke       :   135 x 140mm

Crankshaft/ Kruk As  - Standard Original (asli)
Fuel Injection Pump - Kalibrasi
Governor ganti baru ke Marine Version
Manifold ganti Marine exhaust manifold

Heat Exchanger / Water Cooler CH700 - CH900
Sea Waterpump PC800/Pompa Keong 
Base Frame & Acessories
Marine Gearbox
Operation & Monitor Panel, Startstop