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a. Merk Isuzu         : 4BG1, 4BG1T, 6BG1T, 4BD1, 4BD1T
b. Merk Mitsubishi : 6D22 ,6D14, 6D15, 6D15T, 6D16, 6D16T, 8DC9

Unit Type Engine Model Engine
Excavator ED150 Mitsubishi D04FR
Excavator ED150 Isuzu 4BG1-T
Excavator ED190 Mitsubishi 4D34-TEG
Excavator K904C Mitsubishi 6D14C-1KS11N
Excavator K907 II Mitsubishi 6D31T-OCTYJ01
Excavator K907B Mitsubishi 6D15C-OKS11N
Excavator K907C Mitsubishi 6D15C-OYJ14N
Excavator K907D Mitsubishi 6D14T-2CTYJ01
Excavator K909 Mitsubishi 6D22
Excavator K909 II  Mitsubishi 6D15T-1CTYJ04
Excavator K909 II  Mitsubishi 6D15T-2CTYJ01
Excavator K909A Mitsubishi 6D22
Excavator K912 II Mitsubishi 6D22T-1CTYJ11
Excavator K912A Mitsubishi 6D22C-1CZKS09
Excavator K914 Mitsubishi 8DC8-2CZKS02
Crane 7035  Mitsubishi 6D15-T 
Crane 7045 Mitsubishi  6D15-T 
Crane 7055 Mitsubishi 6D16-TL2A
Crane 7065 Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane 7070 Mitsubishi 6D16-TL2A
Crane 7090 Mitsubishi 6D24-TLEA
Crane 7120 Mitsubishi 6D24-TLEA
Crane BM700HD Mitsubishi 6D24-TE1
Crane BM800HD Mitsubishi 6D24-TLE2A
Crane BM900HD Mitsubishi 6D24-TLE2A
Crane LM1250 Mitsubishi 6D24-TE1
Crane LM1450 Mitsubishi 6D24-TE2
Crane TK350 Mitsubishi 6D16-TLE1
Crane TK550 Mitsubishi 6D16-TLE1
Crane TK750 Mitsubishi 6D24-TLE2A
Excavator SK07 Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator SK17SR Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS
Excavator SK17SR-3 Mitsubishi L3E-W231KBS
Excavator SK045 Mitsubishi K4N-D31YSA
Excavator SK045 II Mitsubishi K4N-D31YSC
Excavator SK050 Mitsubishi K4N-D31YSB
Excavator SK60 Isuzu A-4JB1-PYA01
Excavator SK60 Isuzu 4JB1-PY
Excavator SK60 Isuzu 4JB1-PY01
Excavator SK60 Isuzu 4JB1-PY04
Excavator SK60-2 Isuzu 4JB1-PY01
Excavator SK70SR Isuzu 4JB1
Excavator SK70SR Isuzu 4LE2
Excavator SK70SR-2 Isuzu 4LE2
Excavator SK70SR (USA) Isuzu A-4JB1-PYA04
Excavator SK70SR Isuzu 4LE2-XYSK01
Excavator SK70SR Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator SK70SR-3 Mitsubishi L3E
Excavator SK75UR Isuzu 4JB1-PY02
Excavator SK75UR Isuzu A-4JB1-PYA02
Excavator SK80MSR Isuzu 4LE2
Excavator SK80MSR-2 Isuzu 4LE2
Excavator SK100 Isuzu 4BG1-PY
Excavator SK100-III Isuzu 4BG1
Excavator SK115SR Isuzu 4BG1-PY01
Excavator SK115SR Isuzu 4BG1-TRY01
Excavator SK120 Isuzu 4BG1-TPY
Excavator SK120-V Isuzu 4BD1
Excavator SK125SR Mitsubishi D04FR-KDP2TAAC
Excavator SK125SRL Mitsubishi D04FR-KDP2TAAC
Excavator SK130UR Isuzu 4BG1
Excavator SK135SR Isuzu 4BG1
Excavator SK135SR (USA) Isuzu 4BG1
Excavator SK135SR-1E Isuzu 4BG1T
Excavator SK135SRL Isuzu 4BG1T
Excavator SK135SRLC Isuzu 4BG1T
Excavator SK135SR Mitsubishi D04FR-KDP2TAAC
Excavator SK135SR-2 Mitsubishi D04FR-KDP2TAAC
Excavator SK135SRLC Mitsubishi D04FR-KDP2TAAC
Excavator SK135SRLC-2 Mitsubishi D04FR-KDP2TAAC
Excavator SK160LC Mitsubishi 4D34-TEG
Excavator SK160LC-6E Mitsubishi 4D34-TEG
Excavator SK200SR Isuzu 4BG1-TCY
Excavator SK200 Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator SK200LC-III Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator SK200LC-IV Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator SK200LC-V Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator SK200LC-6 Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator SK210 Mitsubishi 6D34
Excavator SK210LC Mitsubishi 6D34-TLED
Excavator SK220 Mitsubishi 6D15-T
Excavator SK220 III Mitsubishi 6D15-T
Excavator SK235SR Mitsubishi 6D34-T
Excavator SK235SRLC Mitsubishi 6D34-T
Excavator SK250LC Mitsubishi 6D34-TLEG/TLA2A
Excavator SK250NLC Mitsubishi 6D34-TLUC
Excavator SK290LC Mitsubishi 6D16-TLEG
Excavator SK300 Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Excavator SK300 III Mitsubishi 6D22T-1CTYJ12
Excavator SK310 Mitsubishi 6D22T-1CTYJ13
Excavator SK310-3 Mitsubishi 6D24-TE1
Excavator SK310LC-3 Mitsubishi 6D24-TE1
Excavator SK320-3 Mitsubishi 6D24-TE1
Excavator SK320LC-3 Mitsubishi 6D24-TE1
Excavator SK330 Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Excavator SK330LC Mitsubishi  6D16-TLUA
Excavator SK330HW Mitsubishi 6D16-TLA2A
Excavator SK330ME Mitsubishi 6D16-TLEB
Excavator SK330LC-IV Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Excavator SK330LC-V Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Excavator SK330LC-6 Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Excavator SK330LC-6E Mitsubishi 6D16-TLU2
Excavator SK400 Mitsubishi 6D22-TC
Excavator SK400 III Mitsubishi 6D22-TC
Excavator SK450LC Mitsubishi 6D24-TLE2A
Excavator SK450LC-6 Mitsubishi 6D24-TLE2A
Excavator SK480LC Mitsubishi 6D24-TLU2C
Unit Type Engine Model Engine
Crane UCX300 Isuzu AA-6BG1T
Crane UC25 Mitsubishi 6D16
Crane SCX800 Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SCX800HD Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SCX900HD Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SCX900HD-1 Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SCX2000 Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane SCX2000HD Isuzu BB-6WG1
Crane SCX2500 Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Unit Type Engine Model Engine
Excavator JS130 Isuzu 4BG1-TPA04
Excavator JS135 Isuzu 4BG1-TRA04
Excavator JS150 Isuzu 4BG1-TPA03
Excavator JS165 Isuzu 4BG1-TRA05
Excavator JT210 Isuzu 6BG1-TRB05
Excavator JT250 Isuzu 6BG1-TRB06
Excavator JS200 Isuzu 6BG1-TQB04
Excavator JS220LC Isuzu 6BG1-TRB05
Excavator JS240 Isuzu 6BG1-TQB05
Excavator JS260LC Isuzu 6BG1-TRB06
Wheel Excavator JS130W Isuzu 4BG1T
Wheel Excavator JS145W Isuzu 4BG1-TRA05
Wheel Excavator JS160W Isuzu 4BG1-TRA05
Wheel Excavator JS175W Isuzu 6BG1-TQB04
Unit Type Engine Model Engine
Crane GR-700 EXL  Mitsubishi 6D16-TLU2A
Crane TG700EG Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TG800R Mitsubishi 6D16
Crane TG1000R Mitsubishi 6D16
Crane TG1200MG Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TG1200M Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TG1500 Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TS55M Isuzu 4BE1
Crane TS55MS Mitsubishi 4D32
Crane TS70M Mitsubishi 6D14
Crane TL160M Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TL200M Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TL200M Mitsubishi 6D24
Crane TL250E Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TR160M Mitsubishi 6D15
Crane TR160M Mitsubishi 6D14
Crane TR200M Mitsubishi 6D31
Crane AR300E Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TR300E Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TR350M Mitsubishi 6D16
Crane TR350M Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TR350M Mitsubishi 6D24
Crane TR400E Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TR500E Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane TR500EG Mitsubishi 6D22
Unit Type Engine Model engine
Crane SR-300L Mitsubishi 6M60-T
Crane SR-700L Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Crane CR-250 Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Crane KR-250 Mitsubishi 6D14-T
Crane KR-300 Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Crane KR-30H-III Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane KR-35H-III Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane KR-45H-III Mitsubsihi 6D22
Crane KR-500 Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Crane NK-200E-v Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane NK-250E-v Mitsubishi 6D22
Crane NK-300E-v Mitsubishi 8DC8
Crane NK-400E-III Mitsubishi 8DC8
Crane NK-500E-v Mitsubishi 8DC9
Crane NK-800 Mitsubishi 8DC8
Crane NK-1200 Mitsubishi 8DC61
Crane NK-1600 Mitsubishi 8DC9-TL
Excavator HD-250SE Mitsubishi S4F
Excavator HD-250VII Mitsubishi S4S
Excavator HD-280VLC Mitsubishi 4M50-TL
Excavator HD-307 Isuzu 4JB1
Excavator HD-308US Isuzu 4JG1
Excavator HD-400VII Mitsubishi 4D31-T
Excavator HD-450 Mitsubishi 4D31-T
Excavator HD-450VII Mitsubshi 4D31-T
Excavator HD-512E Mitsubishi 4D34-T
Excavator HD-512III Mitsubishi 4D34-T
Excavator HD-550 Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator HD-550VII Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator HD-700 Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator HD-700VII E Mitsubishi 6D31-T
Excavator HD-800 Mitsubishi 6D14-T
Excavator HD-800VII Mitsubishi 6D14-T
Excavator HD-900 Mitsubishi 6D15-T
Excavator HD-900VII Mitsubishi 6D15-T
Excavator HD-1250 Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Excavator HD-1250VII Mitsubishi 6D22-T
Excavator HD-513MR Mitsubishi  4D34-T
Excavator HD-820III (LC)  Mitsubishi  6D34-TL
Excavator HD-820E-LC Mitsubishi 6D34-T
Excavator HD-820V (LC) Mitsubishi  4M50-TL
Excavator HD-823MR (LC) Mitsubishi 6D34-T
Excavator HD-823MRIII (LC) Mitsubishi 6D34-TL
Excavator HD1023 Mitsubishi 6D16-T
Excavator HD1023LC Mitsubishi 6D34-TL 
Excavator HD1250SEV Mitsubishi 6D22
Excavator HD1250SEV-2 Mitsubishi 6D22
Excavator HD1430III Mitsubishi 6D16-TL
Excavator HD1430IIILC Mitsubishi 6D16-TL
Excavator HD1435LC Mitsubishi 6D16-TL
Excavator HD1430IIILC Mitsubishi 6D16-TL
Excavator HD1880SEV-2 Mitsubishi 6D22
Excavator HD2045II Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Excavator HD2045III Mitsubishi 6D24-T
Excavator HD2050LC Mitsubishi 6D24-TL